Sometimes the translation of seemingly simple text, articles and books can be found a bit difficult and challenging. If there are multiple topics or you have a lot of work on your hands, including important professional translations, you would have to do additional research about the topic and find out the possible context behind it. However, the internet and the new technology allow us to make the translation process easier with the creation of software and tools. They help to assure the quality of translation and make the job more efficient. Let’s take a look at the list of tools as advised by professional translators.

SDL Trados

The software is an absolute investment for professional translators and for those who are ready to start their translator career. The system is computer-assisted technology and includes the terminology and automatic translation of the preferred texts. Many employers expect new hires to use professional tools and licensed software, therefore, knowing how to use SDL Trados brings you the advantage over others and it shows that you care about the client base, as well as gaining good reputation with your quality work. When you visit their website to know more about the software, you can get more information about the professional, freelance or online versions, likewise, you can try out the software and see if it works for you!


Probably the most favored by users and the top suggestion if you search for the online translation tool. It stands out from other software that it has a feature of combined dictionaries; also, it comes with a search extension which helps the user find many different bilingual texts and synonyms in various languages. Additionally, when you translate some sort of a text, it shows you the exact way on how the word was translated, and it helps the translators to use google image search to recognize the language’s aspects.

The Free Dictionary

This online tool for translations includes all the features from dictionaries, encyclopedia and a book full of words’ synonyms and other literature-related content. The access to this site’s information is absolutely free and you can approach legal dictionaries and a collection of quotes, acrostics and phrases. Also, there are other languages than English, such as French, Japanese and Spanish. The translation website is constantly updated with new word paraphrases and rules. It also gives the opportunity to learn a new word every day. On the main page of the website, a random word of the day pops up with its definition. If you want to use it on your mobile device, you can download the app for your specific operating system.


The online website ProZ provides the user interaction feature and collaboration with others. It helps the translators to communicate with each other and decide mutually on any of the questions that are asked. The tool provides a chance for the translators to talk about and collaborate on dictionaries and terms, also share any other relevant information. For those who want to chat about different types of translations, interesting articles they had to translate or just off-topic discussion, there are separate forums on the website.