Some think that with the new technologies and inventions coming around, there is going to be no use for the job position of a translator. However, it is not even close to the truth and translator profession still remains valuable. There are things and skills that computers are not yet capable of providing. For example, who else but a real person could provide the linguistic skills, real understanding of the language and its past, and the culture. The translation process is much more than a word for word conversion, it is purely paraphrasing the meaning of the idea behind the text. Furthermore, the job of a translator is tough and can bring troubles while translating, but there are many blogs and websites with useful information and pieces of advice. Here we present you a list of the internet links to help any future/present translator.

Translation Times

This blog will help you find any information about the business side of the translation jobs. They also provide tips and advice on how to develop your professional career and improve your skillset. It is no brainer that professionals use online applications to help them fasten their works. In this manner, on Translation Times you will be advised on what kind of programs to use and it even organizes online seminars to make you a better translator. Also, the website posts about freelancing translation jobs, provides book reviews and recommends lessons to become a greater professional. The blog was created by two sisters who are employed as translators and have been in the field for years now. That is what makes their blog unique and proficient.

Between Translations

The blog was opened for people who wanted to find useful information on computer translators and how they work. It is run by Jayne Fox, presently she is a translator and does German to English translations of any kind. Due to her knowledge of translations, the blog shares information about automatic translations and what online tools to use for a better experience. She is also writing about resources to help people get more immersed into their translator job. Additionally, she shares her own experiences on how she found clients and how she got to the point she is at now.

Business School for Translators

If you are looking for tips on how to start your career, you can definitely visit Business School for Translators blog and you would not be disappointed by the provided information. It offers numerous advice for both the new people and those who are experienced in the field. Being the translator, you can make a post and promote yourself as a professional, maybe someone will find your advertisement interesting and will message you about your translation services! There are over a hundred lessons and online seminars on the blog for the users. It even comes with videos to help you understand the information more effectively. If you do not have internet access everywhere you go, you can download the material and use it anytime you desire.

Along with that, there are shared experiences about the translators’ job and how to manage it, also, how to plan your day working as a freelancer!