The most popular and most used program for translation is Google Translate. There is an option to suggest your translation, the base is solid and gives you accurate translation, but sometimes people like to be funny and add crazy words and meaning into it. Let’s look at some of them. Program went thought a learning curve with names of places, languages and national signifiers.  It used to show translation from “I love Sweden” or “I love England” to I love Canada, it was the only country loved by it.   The same with Italian if you tried to translate phrase “in English” it said “in Italiano.” Nationalistic much?

If you added bunch of letter A and translate from German to French it will show a word Pokémon. Imagine German child screaming and French hearing – Pokémon!

Google translate became a victim of some internet trolls in this case.  Of course, it is not true, but you got to catch them all. Translating some phrases from English to French was tricky, because translation made everything filthier. For example, word dirty became “a slut”. You can imagine the program looking like cliché French man with Don-Juan tendencies, accent and thin mustache.

Sometimes it looked that Translate had some secret information about celebrities. If you wrote in English “Will Bieber ever hit puberty?” Google replied in Vietnamese which word by word meant “Bieber will never reach puberty”. There is also something strange and quirky with Vietnamese alphabet. There was a trick when you typed just random letters in any order, they will still be going to show you meaningful sentences. Usually it looked like phrases taken from legal document templates.

Google has its own taste in music. Lady Gaga in Malaysia become Britney Spears and Sigur Ross in Iceland is Foo Fighters. Maybe it tried to suggest listening something else, in order to expand the user’s musical library? Another extreme example is equally silly. Facebook is huge competitor of Google and it showed that its really hates the enemy.  English says “I hate you” but in Japanese it became a lot of symbols and word Facebook.

In the older version of the program the sound button used to have a name close to the button LISTEN, a lot of people tried this before and worked, there were random letter combinations which translated from English to German that button changed its name from Listen to beatbox. With English language it was confusing because of British and American words difference. Fall can be used to say Autumn, but when it is in the phrase like “Fall Protection” and you translate it to Spanish it becomes Autumn Protection.

There was a time when Google was not into Games and just translated word into a curse word. Somebody had bad day at the office. Now if you use the program you can see that in any language the translations are accurate. There is sometimes gender mix ups, but everything is being done professionally and none of these fails can be repeated.