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Interpreting Can Be an Exciting Job

It is not often that the character of an interpreter takes on the leading role in an exciting Hollywood movie. The thriller movie The Interpreter focuses on the work of translators and wraps them into a compelling story. The multiple Oscar and the Golden Globes winner Hollywood veteran Sydney Pollack directed this unusual movie. Nicole…

Machine Translation vs Human Translator: Who Will Win?

Machine translation is no longer a vision of the future but a reality. This attitude was expressed at the GALA 2020 international conference of localization services and translation that was held online this year. No matter how skeptical translators may be about machine translation, they may need to fundamentally reorient themselves, change the nature of…

How Professional Survey Translation Services Can Target A Global Audience

Are you someone with a growing organization that is searching for valuable insight? Or maybe you want to find a way to connect to your customers around the globe? If you agreed to those questions, then online surveys are what you’re going to want to use. They help businesses know their audiences and employees better….

Translation of Powerpoint Presentations and Its Importance

In a boardroom or in any presentation that is essential in the business arena, being able to convey the message effectively to the audience is critical. Powerpoint presentations have a massive effect on sharing the right information to the readers. There are over 500 million people around the world who use powerpoint for their presentations….

Authors Who Have Managed to Skyrocket Sales Through Translation

The translation is a crucial way to make knowledge more accessible to a broader audience and across cultures. Through translation, works of literature or nonfiction such as textbooks, journals, magazines, and self-help books can be enjoyed, used, and appreciated by people from all backgrounds, nations, and languages. For authors, translation is one sure way to…

Reasons Why Technical Translation Will Need A Subject Expert

Informing someone of an aspect that is included in a technical document is widely interpreted to be stressful and confusing. This is especially so if the listener does not speak the language in which the material is written in. However, in some cases, some documents are created specifically for this situation, but what will happen…

Hardest Languages to Translate

Translating any sort of text is not an easy job as you may think. It requires time, dedication and knowledge about the languages you are working around. To start with, a person must be capable of understanding both languages he is translating to and from. It is not recommended just to open a translation web…

Preparation Before Sending A Document for Translation

Translation allows knowledge to be more accessible to a broader audience. However, performing translation work can be a complex and challenging process. Translators need the right information to begin translating the document….

Top translation tools and software

Sometimes the translation of seemingly simple text, articles and books can be found a bit difficult and challenging. If there are multiple topics or you have a lot of work on your hands, including important professional translations, you would have to do additional research about the topic and find out the possible context behind it….

How to become a professional translator

7 steps that is required to become a professional translator. If you are thinking of becoming one or just curious of the profession here, they are: Step 1: Acquire an education Of course, you need to know at least 2 languages, but also must take translation studies. If you are still in high school you…